Dr. Lücker - Rechtsanwalt - MP Recht

Contract drafting

All business activities are governed by contracts and business success is not only a matter of the skill, talent and resources of the persons involved but also of the applicable contracts. Only contracts precisely reflecting the intended legal relationship in a clearly defined way are worth the paper they are printed on. Considerable entrepreneurial expertise is required in order to be able to identify all the issues which may be connected with the intended relationship. This is essential in order to establish the ideal position with respect to your contract partner.
We have decades of experience in contract drafting. We point out and assess all the aspects that you need to cover. We develop a clearly defined legal solution in order to ensure your business success, irrespective of whether your contract is national or international, in German or English or is concluded between three or more companies and whether you are dealing with sale, hire, leasing, services, clinical investigations or other contractual relationships. We have a clear overview of the situation and indicate the risks and opportunities.