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Dr. Sabine Edlinger

Dr. Sabine EdlingerBorn in 1966
Rechtsanwältin (Attorney-at-Law)

Dr. Edlinger has been involved in practical legal work since the beginning of her professional career. Her doctoral thesis was concerned with detailed questions of competition law. She was recognized as an attorney-at-law by Hamm Regional Court in 1995 and concentrated on operators’ issues in the field of medical devices law. She gained valuable experience as  managing director of the nationwide occupational medicine service of Berufsgenossenschaft für Fahrzeughaltung (the accident prevention and compensation body of the vehicle fleet operation sector). Following this work in the field of preventive medicine, she extended her experience by acting as a member of the board of management of St. Elisabeth Gruppe GmbH Katholische Kliniken Rhein-Ruhr, a hospital operator in the field of somatic, psychiatric and rehabilitation medicine. Her practical experience is unparalleled.