Dr. Lücker - Rechtsanwalt - MP Recht


As recognized experts, we also participate in the publication of relevant periodicals and commentaries. Dr. Göttschkes and Ms. Schenkewitz regularly publish articles in relevant periodicals, Dr. Volker Lücker is also a co-editor of the specialist journal:   


and a co-author of the following works:



We see academic research as an essential element in maintaining and strengthening our competence. In this connection, MD-Law Luecker has been involved in a variety of publications. Recent work includes:


  Welcher Standard ist eigentlich der "Goldstandard"?pdf | 571 kB
  What is the legal basis of CR 2013/473/EU ...pdf | 0 kB
  Stoffliche Medizinprodukte und die neue MPAVpdf | 197 kB
  Das Medizinprodukterecht im Umbruchpdf | 1 MB