Dr. Lücker - Rechtsanwalt - MP Recht

Reimbursement by health insurance

For many categories of medical devices, classification within the reimbursement framework of the statutory health schemes in Germany in accordance with the requirements of the Fifth Volume of the Social Code (SGB V) is essential if marketing is to be economically viable. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to establish the framework for reimbursement within the system defined in SGB V. The main reason is that SGB V does not define uniform requirements for reimbursing the cost of medical devices. Within the framework of the statutory health insurance schemes in Germany, medical devices are assigned to different categories such as medical aids, medical devices similar to drugs and dressing materials. To make matters worse, the requirements to be met for reimbursement may be very different depending on the category to which the device has been assigned. In order to obtain a clear overview within this highly complex system and to lay a firm foundation at an early stage, our highly competent specialist advice is available.