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The law firm

The law firm MD-Law Luecker provides comprehensive advice in the highly specialized area of medical devices which allows clients to avoid costly, time-consuming court proceedings at an early stage. In addition, close cooperation with management consultants allows legal advice to be integrated into a meaningful, future-oriented solution for the company. In any matter involving a medical device in Europe, MD-Law Luecker is qualified to handle all the legal questions which may arise throughout Europe. As a small, specialized unit, the law firm ensures essential continuity in the contact partners for each individual client, which is highly appreciated.

In the case of legal questions covering several different areas, we do not leave clients to their own devices but recommend competent law firms with appropriate specializations and a similar client-oriented philosophy to our own. This is the only way to ensure that clients receive the exhaustive, reliable specialist advice they can expect of a law firm specializing in medical devices law. This is the basis for developing the confidence that is essential when dealing with complex legal questions. Clients know that their law firm has the specialist knowledge required and this knowledge is always kept updated. They know that they will receive individual, product-specific practical advice. They also know that they will be represented in any court proceedings if the need arises. They know that MD-Law Luecker will explain the advice provided together with any alternatives and make the consequences clear and transparent. This is of crucial importance for the quality of legal advice.